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I am a 24 year old woman who has been battling chronic back and neck pain for the past six years. I am writing this blog to help others and to educate others about Peripheral Nerve Field Stimulation (PNFS) which is a new application for Neuromodulation technology that treats pain. My trial PNFS implant is scheduled for Monday, July 6th, 2009 and the final surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, July 21st, 2009. I will be documenting my journey through the process. _____________________________________

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Revision Surgery Update

Hello all. Sorry it has been so long since I have written. I have started a new job and am still recovering so I have been too tired to write. I cannot say yet if the surgery was a success. I need to get some reprogramming done and that won't be until next week. The surgery itself was pretty terrible. I ended up having the left and right leads revised. I went in under some anesthesia, but they ended up having to reposition the leads so many times that they had to keep me awake for the majority of the surgery. They would tell me they were about to go in and I would grip my Saint Jude Reps hand and just brace myself for the pain each time. At one point my Doctor said that he was going to just have to remove everything because they kept getting the motor nerves. At that point I clearly remember saying to him "Please no, this is all the hope I have." At that point he continued to try for four hours until he finally found placement. The surgery was only supposed to last for one hour. In recovery I found out they had to re-open the battery site as well which I was pretty disappointed about. I went in at 9 am and was finally released to go home at 5pm. Thankfully they gave me stronger pain meds. I knew the next day was going to be a battle. Unfortunately even the strong pain meds couldn't match the torture my body had gone through the day before. I felt like I had been severely burned, beaten with a bat, and then dragged by a semi.. but I knew the severe pain would only last a day or two, as it did. I was able to start my job 6 days later and I can say that this surgery was not as debilitating as the last.

Am I happy I did it? Yes, because like I told the Doc, this is my only chance. Wish me the best. I will let you know the results as things progress.

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