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I am a 24 year old woman who has been battling chronic back and neck pain for the past six years. I am writing this blog to help others and to educate others about Peripheral Nerve Field Stimulation (PNFS) which is a new application for Neuromodulation technology that treats pain. My trial PNFS implant is scheduled for Monday, July 6th, 2009 and the final surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, July 21st, 2009. I will be documenting my journey through the process. _____________________________________

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day Three Update

So it is day three after my surgery and I would say I am doing much better. I still have a lot of swelling in the left shoulder from the extra digging around in the surgery which is pretty sore. I really think the stimulator is working though. One thing I have noticed is that I have been able to sleep on my back every night which I have never been able to do without neck pain. The stimulator feels like a slight tingling feeling and I do notice I have less pain when the stimulator is turned on versus it being turned off.

I wanted to go over the tasks I have been able to do in the past three days vs. what I have been unable to do so anyone considering this surgery can understand the limitations. First off, I was able to go grocery shopping with my Fiance the day after the surgery. Granted he pushed the cart, and grabbed the the groceries, and unloaded... but I was able tag along for the whole ordeal. Today I was able to work from home for awhile and went to the dog park this evening. I have also been to Wal-mart 2 other times since then, and to Sally Beauty. I was on a hunt for dry shampoo since I can't wash my hair. I found some that works pretty well called Batiste. So as you can see, overall I have been pretty active. Although the majority of my activity was with major assistance from my fiance.
My limitations are as follows:
  1. Cannot put on a seat belt or close the car door.
  2. Cannot get dressed or undressed without assistance.
  3. Cannot wear a bra at all.
  4. Cannot bend over.
  5. Cannot pick anything up over 5lbs.
  6. Painful laying on back where wires are implanted.
  7. Cannot shower.
  8. Cannot wear any tight fitting clothing.
  9. Cannot press the button to open garage door.
  10. Cannot brush back of hair.

Basically it is pretty essential for you to have some sort of assistance for at least the first three days to help with the basics. Hope this helps paint a better picture for what limitations to expect after the trial surgery.

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