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I am a 24 year old woman who has been battling chronic back and neck pain for the past six years. I am writing this blog to help others and to educate others about Peripheral Nerve Field Stimulation (PNFS) which is a new application for Neuromodulation technology that treats pain. My trial PNFS implant is scheduled for Monday, July 6th, 2009 and the final surgery is scheduled for Tuesday, July 21st, 2009. I will be documenting my journey through the process. _____________________________________

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Week of Firsts ....... DRUMROLL ...............

So I got the final bill in ..... but I am going to make you read through the whole post to find out how much the final implant surgery costs. Because I am devious that way ;) . Ok now about my week of firsts. For those who don't know I had the final stimulator implanted three weeks ago today. First number 1: This is the first week since the surgery that I have gone to work without my sleepover gear, aka my trusty pillow. First number 2: First week to drive without my pillow.. Bring it on left-hand turns I can take it now! First number 3: It is the first time since the beginning of July that I have had a goo free back. All those bandages put some pretty gnarly goo on you skin that is IMPOSSIBLE to remove without some heavy duty chemicals. There is something about open wounds and nail polish remover or goo-gone that doesn't sound soothing. So it took quite a bit of healing time before I would let any of that near my skin. Granted I still have goo spots directly around the incisions, but for the most part I am clean. First number 4: The driving factor behind the goo removal was my Saturday appearance in a bathing suit. Scars and all I bared it at the pool. (The incisions are healed enough that it is not gross or unclean at this point. The Doctor said I can't submerge in any water until next Saturday but I cheated a bit and got a little wet. First number 5: Possibly one of the most exciting... I wore pants today!! Oh the little things you take for granted everyday. I now realize that I DO NOT have that many comfy skirts or dresses to rotate for three weeks straight. And let me tell you, it is difficult to look like a functioning part of society without pants! So I was excited to look like a business woman again! First number 6: Well I already got wet in the pool, so I took a bath. Oh a glorious bath. Baths are perhaps my most favorite thing in the world (accompanied by a book) so I am a happy woman to have that luxury back.

My next goal .. wear a real bra again. Good lord this sticky bra isn't cutting it anymore. My boobs may be a good two inches lower now! J/k. Too Much Information .. I know. Lol. It may be a long way off though given the placement of my incisions which are still a bit sore to the touch. But hey, with all my wonderful firsts I have had this week, I can take a sticky bra for a bit longer.

Ok, Ok. Now for the final tally. Total charges: $92,251.77. And that's in addition to the $20,000 mentioned in the previous post. Pain sure has its price tag ... let me let that sink in for a bit.

I will post updated pictures of how the scars are healing in the next few days.


  1. Pricey piece of equipment, but worth every penny if it does its job!

  2. Congratulations! You seem to be healing remarkably fast. I guess it's because you are young. I hope it's all been worth it for you. Sounds like in another month you'll have a great quality of life again. Yippee!

    I'm surprised your bill was only $92,000. I received mine this week and it was $138,000. I thought your procedure was more in-depth than mine so I'm surprised mine cost that much more. Hmm...makes me wonder about my doctor and his billing practices...

  3. Banner - Your cost differences could be due to a different stimulator model. Do you have the ANS eon mini? Thats the only difference I can think of.